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Picture Books on

Chinese Medicine Culture

Learning people, health, and life from the sky to earth and living
Knowing illness and patient from herbs to Traditional Chinese Medicine
Exploring, experiencing, identifying the culture thought pictures and words

Chinese medicine is part of Chinese culture. Life and health is closely related. Let it begin with education, so that young people and the world will know and accept Chinese medicine.


This project is one of the first financed programs of Chinese Medicine Development Fund which was initiated in 2019. The project aims to promote Chinese medicine culture to children through picture books.


This project will publish picture books about Chinese medicine culture and knowledge on health and life.  The books are graded to suit children of different ages and levels. The books are picture-based and supplemented by words. 


Two books will be published  in the first phase. Every book is enclosed with a reading guide for parental reading.


BOOK 1: Sky. Ground. Human. Medical

Some Chinese words are so interesting that they convey the spirit of Chinese medicine culture. This book tells children about Chinese words as well as culture.


BOOK 2: Where is our Medicine?

Where does our medicine come from? It is Nature. This book explores medicine and cultural wisdom that exist in Nature.

Extended Activities

To further children’s understanding and fondness of the picture books, education of Chinese medicine culture will be extended to school campuses through a series of Activities, Cultural Games and Exhibition. Together with teachers and students, this project will explore knowledge and fun of Chinese medicine, cultivate children’s understanding about health, and reinforce their confidence in and identification with Chinese medicine.



Inherited Illustrators

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Chinese Medicine Development Fund

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