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i-Herbal Garden

Continuing the Experience and Results of 2021/22

Promote the learning project of Campus green, Herbal medicine and Horticulture

Connecting On and offline herbal world

Establish sustainable and shared 5 ways of Life teaching resources

Extend the Interdisciplinary Teaching,
Learning and Experience of Cultural Inheritance through Herbal Pl

Herbal Study. Build a Herbal Garden Together /

  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture Class / The concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine, common urban diseases and knowledge of Hong Kong herbal plants are taught by registered Chinese medicine practitioners

  • Horticulture Class / Students are led by horticulturists to learn and experience the functions of herbal plants, planting techniques and horticultural perspectives in school

  • Online Platform / Cooperate with the courses and planting process, provide learning and maintenance knowledge

Network Connecting. Digital Sharing /

  • Horticulturalists give comments and corrections at different stages

  • The Herbal garden will be filmed as a Virtual Tour together with the study report, uploaded to “i-Herbal Garden” platform for public display

  • Continue to go to overseas for medicine gardens VT shooting and add new to the “Appreciation of Medicine Garden”. The contents will be more abundant.

  • Visit the previous participating schools, set up an introductions and comparisons of the development of herbal gardens. Strengthen the sustainable development of the project with care and encouragement.

Have Fun Together. Field Observation /

  • New added “Herbal Paradise” exhibition and activity day. Participating schools can display the results, share what they have learned, show their own experiences and communicate with public in person.

  • Invite 10 participated schools of 2021/22 to attend and introduce the development of school gardens and share with the participated schools in 23/24

  • Well-designed herbal gardening space for demonstration and view

  • A “Cultural Knowledge Corner” is set up to provide herbal plants knowledge and introduce trails to explore herbal plants in Hong Kong

  • Herbal Health Workshop, learning to make different daily care products from plants

  • Public are welcome to visit and enjoy together

* The project is tentatively scheduled to launch in September 2023, details will be announced.


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