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Food Cultural by Little Huatuo
Dietary Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

Unveil the Mystery of “Medicine and Food from the single origin”

Learn the Wisdom of “Diet Therapy”

Set the Balance of “Abstinence” and “Nutrition”

View the affects of “Partial eclipse”


Break through the food education, rebuild correct eating habits.


Understand food and ourself, embody the dietary wisdom

School visits, online learning and exhibition
are advancing at same

5 major exhibition zone, learning with sensory interaction games

Medicine and Food Homology Zone/

  • Story room of learning relationship between food and medicine

  • Distinguishing food, diet and medicine from games

  • Learn “Food be medicine” and “Food as medicine”

Cuisine Zone/

  • Game to identify four Natures of food

  • Little Five Flavors supermarket

  • Touch interactive device


Understand Our self Zone/

  • Understand our self from physique

  • Balance of external coordination from psychology, environment, climate to season


Eat Well Zone/

  • Quiz

  • How much you eat

  • Five flavors tracking game


Smart Classroom/

  • Workshop

  • Lecture

* The project is tentatively scheduled for May 2024

School Visit/

Teacher Study/

  • Traditional Chinese medicine culture concept

  • The uniqueness of “medicine and food from single origin”

  • Four flavors of food

  • Physique and the Factors of Weather, Time and Earth

  • good eating habits

School Children’s Classroom/

  • Therapeutic Wisdom in daily

  • Good eating habit with food as medicine

  • Food characteristics

  • The coordination between us and environment

  • The importance of balance and sub-health

Guided Exhibition/

  • Visit the “Food Cultural by Little Huatuo”

  • Participate in workshops and games

* There are 10 places for school visits, tentatively scheduled for March 2024

Learning Platform/  Mini-site

Diversified contents including themed cartoons, short articles, special videos, sharing, games, teaching reports, virtual exhibitions. The site provide supplementary and extended learning resources of “Exhibition Activities” and “School Visit”.

* The project is tentatively scheduled for release in February 2024


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