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Reborn of Huatuo – New Classics of Chinese Medicine

  • Baizigui – Modern Chinese medicine cabinet

  • Chinese acupuncture puppet

  • 3D storybook of Chinese Medicine allusion


Rejuvenation – Open Day of Chinese Medicine Clinics

  • Valuable assistant of Physician

Medicine to Illness – Between Changes

  • Make a prescription

  • Evolution of Chinese medicine

Waiting Hall – Fun of Learning

  • Parent-Child Health Classroom

  • Little Medicine Gardener

  • Workshops

  • Storytelling

  • TCM without Borders


7 Mallory Street, Wanchai – Public rest area on G/F, 2/F, 3/F, multi function room 309 & 311



Here Comes Huatuo

Fun and interactive learning in primary school campuses.

  • Mobile display

  • Interactive teaching games


Become Master

Herbalist Junior


Chinese Medicine Parlour

A journey to explore Chinese medicinal culture

Rainie is sick and rest at home. A friend comes to visit and performs “Wuqinxi” which he has just learned in class. Rainie is fascinated and wants to be a gymnast like Huatuo. 


After the correction from teacher, Rainie realizes Huatuo is not an athlete, but a doctor. Rainie determines to know more about the culture of Chinese Medicine and to be a “Gymnastic Doctor”.


•  Reborn of Huatuo – New Classics of Chinese Medicine

•  Rejuvenation – Interaction of Medicial

•  Medicine to Illness – Knowledge of Medicine

Playing and learning at Waiting Hall ​every weekends and Sundays


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Knowing the Chinese medicine culture,

start with happy learning and game education, catch the growth,

create a good atmosphere at home and in school.

Sow the seeds of healthy culture for the new generation.

Become Master Herbalist Junior is an educational project to promote Chinese medicinal culture to children. It aims to bring brand new learn-through-play experiences to the new generation. It focuses on families and campuses. Children can freely appreciate, engage, understand and practice Chinese medicinal culture in life.  The project consists of two parts:

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