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Broad and Easy
Chinese Medicine Culture Educational Books Collection

Maximize the appeal of the books with childlike pictures and words. Let children and teachers love it. The books easily and effectively bring the Chinese medicine culture closer to children. It can broaden the contact area, integrating into different subjects and cooperating with the regular teaching process. Use synergy to achieve twice the result with half effort.


“Educational Picture Books on Chinese Medicine Culture” Series

• Childlike

• Communicative

• Educational

• Diversity

• Supportive and Sustainable


Traditional Chinese medicine culture enters homes and schools. It develops comprehensively, life-oriented and interestingly in children’s education.

Chinese Medicine Culture Educational Books Collection/

(3 volumes)

  • Teacher’s Manual

  • Exercise and Game Book

School Visit/

  • Concept of traditional Chinese medicine culture

  • On Cure, medicine, life and health

  • Book introduction

  • Play and learn games


^ There are 20 places for school visits, tentatively scheduled for September 2024

Book Introduction Exchange Meeting/

Target: Primary school staff

Class Lecturer: Editor-in-Chief of Book Collection, Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner

  • Concept of traditional Chinese medicine culture

  • Book introduction

  • Application and promotion methods

  • Introduction to supporting resources

* The project is tentatively scheduled to be launched in June 2024, details will be announced later.





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