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Lingnan TCM Culture.
Study Tour. 2024

Study, visit, touch and experience
Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture

Students can understand the cultural concepts of traditional Chinese medicine through the “Southern Medicine”. And the relationship between climate, environment, medicine and health. With the help of an online learning platform to allow teachers and parents to participate and learn together, thereby enhancing students’ learning motivation.

Taking Lingnan traditional Chinese Medicine culture as the themes, we learn the traditional wisdom “Medicine and food come from the same source”.

Study tour education is an education model that has developed rapidly in recent years, the students experience in first-hand, increase their knowledge and broaden their horizons.

Visit and understand the modern Chinese medicine production control system (RPQS), from source environment (R), production process (P), quality control (Q) to safety standards (S), to deepen school children's trust and understanding of Chinese medicine.


Briefing Session on Study Tour/

  • Introducing travel destinations, cultural information and travel tips

* Tentatively scheduled to be held in July 2024, details will be announced later.

“Lingnan Traditional Chinese Medicine Cultural. Study Tour”

- 2 days and 1 night/

  • Held in October-November 2024

^ There are 10 participating places, recruitment will be carried out in June 2024. On a first-come, first-served basis.

Exchange Meeting on Study Tour/

  • Representatives of teachers and students from participating schools (6 to 8 people from each school) must attend. Allowing each school to share the results of research activities, study trip reports, etc., to enhance interactive communication

* Tentatively scheduled to be held in January 2025, details will be announced later.


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