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Picture Books Project II/

Fun Day. Create Contact. Create Consummation.


On August 13, 2022, “Chinese Medicine Culture Picture Book Fun Day” held at the Zero Carbon Building ended successfully with lively and cheerful.

We inject new energy into Chinese Medicine Culture. Knowledge and wisdom are infiltrated through the interaction. Our “Fun Day” have multiple programme such as theatre, concert, new story, doctor sharing, rare herbs. School children and parents can receive information in distinct form of contact. They went home with full after spending a meaningful and pleasant afternoon.

On that day, practitioner from CMA explained the way of health. And she demonstrated different treatment methods in the cooperation of children which aroused laughter in the room. We created The Shadow Play with the content of picture book. The invited shadow puppet master Wong Fai and his team, used the traditional arts of intangible cultural heritage bring out the healthy Traditional Medicine Culture life concept. Everyone felt refreshed and applauded.

The children connect body rhythms and percussion instruments under Orff Approach. From solo to ensemble, turning the praise of Chinese medicine culture into catchy chants, which firm in their hearts.

In addition, the parents used their whole body to tell the stories which gave a sincere performance. That’s an unforgettable kind whispers to the children.

There’s a small displays area, 12 kinds of “Twelve Best of Traditional Chinese Medicine” plants are carefully prepared by practitioner and gardener. Among them there’s one, the children covered their mouths and noses immediately when unsealed. It’s Ferula foetida, the most stinky Chinese medicine; Everyone immediately retreated caused a funny scene as they saw Antiaris toxicaria, the most poisonous Chinese medicine on the shelves.

The ceremony for the short film competition of Cultural Storytelling also held on the same day. The short films has been uploaded to our Facebook. We are welcome your revisiting.

This is not the last song. We are one step at a time to promote of children's education of traditional Chinese medicine culture. We make unremitting efforts. There will be more creation, richer knowledge and fun are waiting for your participation.





「中藥十二最」小展區,展示的是由中醫師和園藝師精心預備,十二種獨霸一方的中草藥植物。其中「阿魏」(最臭中藥)開封,全場即時掩口蓋鼻;「見血封喉」(最毒中藥)上架,眾人登時退避三舍,場面十分搞笑!至於早前舉辦的「演故事 識健康」文化故事演講短片比賽,亦安排於當日進行頒獎,短片已上載至基金的Facebook,歡迎大家重溫。


Picture Books II News


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