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Magnificent the Power. Enhance the Experience

Sincerely join hands with “Perspective Cultural Resources” to promote a New Field of Online Learning for Children of Chinese Medicine Culture


基礎初定,展望未來,我們重視網絡平台,我們重視力量延伸,希望能把中醫藥文化的推動,在網上引發。在未來的日子,我們會與線上平台「視角文化資源」( 合作,進行資源互換互補,把學習、資訊、遊戲、視像、活動結合成線,穿連出中醫藥文化的內內外外和方方面面。



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Fully Experience and Happy Learning


Since ours establishment, we concentrated on striving for resources, creating resources, organizing activities and strengthen connections for the promotion of Chinese Medicine Culture and children's education. In this short period, whether it's the picture books, culture exhibitions, cross-platform planting or learning medical from words etc., have all been highly praised.

Now we’re looking forward to the future. We attach importance to the network platform and the extension of power. We hope the Chinese Medicine Culture can be triggered with the Internet promotions. In the future, we will cooperate with the online platform "Perspective Cultural Resources" (, exchange and complement our resources. We combined learning, information, games, videos and activities throughout all aspects of Chinese Medicine Culture.

The "Perspective Cultural Resources" online platform has been fully opened to schools, students and parents for free to use. It will serve as a strong backing for us in promoting Chinese Medicine Culture for children in the future.

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