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Chinese Medicine Culture is Now Begin!


為求精益求精,開拓學習新感受,我們授權「視角文化資源」( 製作電子有聲版,於線上平台登場,讓同學們可進一步感受「有聲閱讀」的樂趣,更易吸收當中的文化真義。


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Our first and second books of the Children's Picture Book Projects on Chinese Medicine Culture “Sky. Ground. Human. Medical” and "Where is Our Medicine?“, has been well-received and got praised and supported by many teachers and parents. The books were highly recognized in terms of meaning, gimmick, emotion and the lovely moving pictures.

In order to strive for excellence and develop new learning experiences. We authorized “Perspective Cultural Resources” to produce an electronic audio version, which will be launched on their platform. Students can further experience the fun of “Audio Reading” and easily absorb the cultural meaning.

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