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“Health Study” is now enabled!


Open this door, the unattainable concept of Traditional Chinese Medicine will become approachable, integrated into your life and close to what you have learned.

Walking into the Study, the healthy culture that children need to grow up will be transformed into lively, heartwarming and touching pieces. Which not only facilitate children’s self-study but also help parents-children resonate together.

We believe that the growth of “Healthy Study” can be called real health by igniting children's interest, absorbing the input of parents, and introducing the support of schools.

11th of this month, we brought picture books into the “Health Study”. Hand in hand with the Traditional Chinese medicine health culture to build an extraordinary reading space. Ms. Zita Lun, Senior School Librarian, and Dr. Dennis Au, the founder of Chinese Medicine For All, will exchange their expertise, share their reading experience and health and cultural wisdom. They’ll lead everyone to start from the Chinese medicine culture, Chinese word stories, gratitude for the nature, comprehend the importance of the thinking direction and realize the responsibility and care of doctors’ benevolence.

This gathering in the Study is not only a parent-child time. Children and parents would have their own gains, discover of health and culture from reading.

Date ︱ 2022/12/11 (Sun)

Time ︱ 14:00–15:00

Venue︱ Sun Ya Book World︱ 2/F Hong Kong Cultural Core,

698 Shanghai Street, Kowloon

Target︱ 5-10-year-old; parent-child

* Attendees will receive a $20 book voucher and a Handmade incense pack

You can reserve a seat on the FamClub of the “Perspective Cultural Resources” platform.

Seats are limited






日期 ︱ 2022 / 12 / 11(日)

時間 ︱ 14:00 –15:00

地點 ︱ 新雅童書館︱九龍上海街698號美觀文化薈2樓

對象 ︱ 5–10歲親子

* 出席者可獲贈$20書劵及手工藥香包1

現可於「視角文化資源」平台的 FamClub 預留位置,座位有限,額滿即止。


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