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“Health Study” is here again!


In last December, there was a warm gathering at the Sun Ya Book World. Starting from the picture book, we learned Chinese, nature, thinking and heart in a non-essential and non-boring way. Then “discover” the Chinese medicine culture in daily life.

This March, we brought “Chinese Medicine in Words” to the “Health Study”. We’ll experience the wonderful journey of "learning Chinese characters" and "learning health" together. How to savor traditional Chinese culture from "Chinese characters" and understand the nutrients of "Chinese medicine" in it? How does the word hide the enlightenment to life and health? After that, Everyone will know "Chinese characters" are actually not complicated. When you understand the root cause, all are under your control.

Date ︱ 2023/03/18 (Sat)

Time ︱ 14:30 - 15:45

Venue︱ Chan’s Creative School

No. 71, Boundary Street, Yau Yat Tsuen, Kln

Target︱ 5-10 year old; parent-child

* Attendees will receive book coupons and discounts for on-the-spot purchases


You can reserve a seat on the FamClub of the “Perspective Cultural Resources” platform.

Seats are limited

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More themes will be available, please pay attention to

the latest news of “Health Study”!





日期 ︱ 2023/03/18(六)

時間 ︱ 14:30 - 15:45

地點 ︱ 啟基學校 ︱ 九龍又一村界限街71號

對象 ︱ 5-10歲親子

* 出席者可獲贈書券及即場購買優惠


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