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i-Herbal Garden 2023/24/

“iHerbal Garden 2023/24” website has been updated!


The “iHerbal Garden 2023/24” project is in full swing. 10 participating schools have also completed multiple learning classes. Teachers reported that the students took care the Herbs Garden very carefully. Although the growth conditions of the plants varied. Under the guidance of the gardener, they had a better understanding of the plants’ conditions and made appropriate adjustments. The students are striving to show the results to the public.

We also shoot virtual exhibitions in the herb gardens of each school. Later, you will see the small herb garden carefully taken care of by the students on the “iHerbal Garden 2023/24” website, as well as the reports they carefully produced.


The “iHerbal Garden 2023/24” website has also been updated, adding tips for daily plant planting. And introducing botanical gardens in Sydney and Victoria. The Ornamental Medicine Garden will be displayed a 100,000-square-meter Chinese Medicine Garden in the Lingnan national medicine town. Also the Longest Sandstone High-relief of Chinese medicine recorded by Guinness. Stay tuned.






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