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i-Herbal Garden 2023/24/

The i-Herbal Garden online exhibition is officially open to the public!


“Herbal Paradise” was successfully concluded this past weekend and Sunday (April 6th and 7th). Thank you to all the teachers, students and parents who attended and supported the event. On that day, the students participated in the activity shared their experiences, recalling interesting stories and various feelings about planting, which made the audience excited and moved! The students shared in different ways, which attracted applause from the audience.


Gardeners’ team and Registered practitioner Au Shing Fai also talked about knowledge related to children's planting and Chinese medicine, both intelligence and sensibility. In addition to the Chinese herbal plants from the i-Herbal Garden, the “Cultural Knowledge Corner” has 30 kinds of common Chinese herbal plants to help everyone expand their knowledge.

The traditional Chinese medicine tie-dye and Chinese medicine soap workshops are a new experience for both adults and children. Everyone can go home with lots of joy and souvenirs.


Then, our online exhibition “i-Herbal Garden 2023/24” started immediately, starting from April 8 and lasting for one month!

In addition to appreciating the achievements of students, please also express “Your Encouragement” with actions. Click to visit the i-Herbal Garden of each school to appreciate it and press LIKE👍 on your favorite i-Herbal Garden!






除了觀賞同學們的成果,請同時以行動表達「你的鼓勵」,Click入各學校百草園細意欣賞,對喜愛的百草園按 LIKE👍!

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