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i-Herbal Garden 2023/24/

Thank you for every participation and every LIKE!


The one-month online exhibition and voting period for the “iHerbal Garden 2023/24” has ended. Thank you for your active voting. After official counting, the “Most LIKE iHerbal Garden” was won by the Hong Kong Southern District Government Primary School.


We would like to congratulate the Hong Kong Southern District Government Primary School. The students’ dedication to the garden and their lively and rich activity reports have won the most support and appreciation. We also have the “Thoughtful” planted garden, “Vigorous” and “Healthy” growth garden, “Aesthetic” and “Neat” garden awards to recognize students and the school’s outstanding performance in different areas. Give full affirmation and encouragement.


The “iHerbal Garden” platform will continue to be open. Everyone can watch it at any time, even revisit the iHerbal Garden 2021/22 for review and confirmation. Here again, we would like to make a special recommendation. We’ve jumped out of Hong Kong and broke geographical restrictions, visited medicinal gardens in Guangdong, Macao and Taiwan. And established virtual guided tours which received a lot of positive responses. These online herbal viewing trails are waiting for your visit. Get started and don’t miss it.







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