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Mid-term Review of i-Herbal Garden


The school visit activity of “i-Herbal Garden” has reached the third lesson. After on-site inspection by gardener, it was found that the growth conditions of herbal plants vary greatly in different school gardens. For example, some perilla trees are vigorously growing, while others are almost withered, so they are in a hurry for emergency treatment; In case of pest infestation, further pest control is required.

Regardless of the difference between school gardens, the activity has been obvious to all students to gain knowledge of herbal medicine. In the 1st phase of the questionnaire survey, 89% of the students surveyed agreed that the “i-Herbal Garden” can help them understand the culture of Chinese Medicine. 88% of the students hope we can hold more related activities on campus in the future to provide more knowledge for the understanding of traditional Chinese Medicine culture. This is indeed an encouraging result!

The students were chatting happily with the gardener and Chinese Medicine Practitioner around the plants. They analyzed the reasons of the plants in crisis and guided students to take emergency actions. It is a valuable lesson. The students will have to prepare the interim report later. Then, the program will be enter the next stage, everyone will witness how the gardens will blossom!

Spring is approaching. In this warm and humid season, students must take every step to prevent bacteria and pests from harming plants and avoid falling short!





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