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i-Herbal Garden is officially exhibited online on June 25.

Come and witness the achievements of the students’ hard work!



Following Rainie in the virtual exhibition and walking in the i-Herbal Gardens of 10 participating schools. You’ll discover the varieties are similar but has its own characteristics. And there’s the reports produced by the students attentively, recorded what they have learned and felt during the period.

Not only learning, we’re also observing. “Look into the Distance” introduce the characteristic medicine gardens in different regions. In the “Watching the Garden”, we have AR medicine garden tours shot by our staffs in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. In this extraordinary period, it’s indeed an opportunity cannot be missed by taking you to watch and understand uncommon Chinese herbal plants through virtual exhibitions.

i-Herbal Garden is not only a viewing platform, also contains “Starting Tips” for Chinese medicine and gardening. In “Learning”, the experts teach how to solve the problems. If you feel “Successful Learned”, you might try “Games” to test how much you know.

From now until July 24, please express “Your Appreciation” to the 10 schools which are devoted and dedicated. Click the “LIKE” for your favorite gardens and reports. In addition to cheering up the students, each “LIKE” can also make the school and students with outstanding performance win the “Most LIKE i-Herbal Garden” award. Everyone please participate actively!





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