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網絡時空百草園 i-Herbal Garden/


Learning Journey of Brainstorming, Hands-on

and Turning Soil

從11月開始,三師聯手出擊,中醫師、中藥師和園藝師跟我們一起走訪參與「網絡時空百草園 (2021/2022)」計劃的各小學。在首兩課中,不單介紹了中醫藥文化、知識和種植的技巧與視覺設計,更讓同學們得以體驗翻土栽種的樂趣。



In the beginning of November, our three divisions joined forces. Chinese Medicine Practitioner, Chinese pharmacist and gardener joined us to visit the schools participating in the “iHerbal Garden (2021/2022)” project. In the first two lessons, not only the culture, knowledge, planting techniques and visual design of Chinese medicine are introduced. And the students can also experience the fun of turning soil and planting.

Chinese Medicine Practitioner vividly explained the interaction between balance and health, guiding students to understand the concept of “Medicine and food homology”; Pharmacist brought the original medicinal materials such as antlers and geckos, led students to discover the uniqueness of Chinese medicinal materials. The gardener, together with the fully equipped classmates, planted 15 kinds of Chinese herbal plants, including Perilla, Mugwort, Mulberry, and Murraya to build a “Beauty” garden.

The class has just started. Students are looking forward to each planting day and learning opportunity in the future. And what we are looking forward to is the journey of mutual growth between the students and the garden!

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