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Little Huatuo Visits the Campus


The exam season is over, the students are ready for the summer vacation. We proceed closely the Become Master Herbalist Junior school visit on these relaxing days. We designed the activity with thoughtful mind from the experience in Picture Book Project. More suitable for all levels of school children. The Practitioners not just provided TCM health information also interacted with the host and students.

We can’t miss the introduction of the Shennong and Huatuo since they were Master Herbalist. Students also can experience the life of legends. The bronze man of acupuncture was introduced together with a specially film, toy truck game on the loop track. It explained the human body meridians vividly.

The Practitioners also invited a weak puppet as patient, explained the treatments on spot. Sand scraping, cupping, acupuncture and massage jumped out of pictures and words immediately. And the students made all kind of childlike guesses on the unknown bottles of plant, animal and mineral medicine.

Finally, the students absorbed the tips of healthy life while interacting and having fun. We felt the students’ enthusiasm through their thoughts and feedback.

The content of the activity is new to elementary school students. The lecturer fully use the resources, pictures, VR exhibitions, Chinese medicine, etc. to explain Chinese Medicine Culture. Therefore students can leave a deep impression and experience the health culture of Chinese Medicine that’s related closely to learning and life.

——ELCHK Hung Hom Lutheran Primary School

… You explained the profound things in simple terms vividly and interestingly. So the primary school students can enjoy learning the unknown concept of Chinese medicine. The content of activities is fresh and interesting with resources such as books and VR exhibitions to help for understanding. With the help of your tutors and Practitioner, the students have really benefited a lot…

——G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College

…Because of the “World Reading Day” of our school on the day of visiting, our school hopes that students will become interested in the culture of Chinese medicine, and then read related books to broaden their knowledge...

——HKBUAS Wong Kam Fai Secondary and Primary School

At last, no matter what you have planned during this summer vacation, it’s worth leaving a small amount of time to browse the Virtual Tour of "Become Master Herbalist Junior" (Closed), the fun-filled Chinese Medicine Cultural Amusement Space.













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