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小小華佗的誕生 Become Master Herbalist Junior/


An Online Platform of Chinese Cultural for Children to play and learn is Launched


在推廣中華文化的路上,最難得的是能遇見志同道合的朋友。其中一個網上文化學玩平台 —— 「視角文化資源平台」(簡稱視角文化),與本會理念相近,希望能在兒童學習和成長中,緊扣著文化領域知識並進,她們更選訂了本會的中醫藥文化主題作啟動主導,並逐步推衍至其他文化學習領域。



Perspective Cultural Resources

Started from the birth of picture books to Become Master Herbalist Junior – HASH Creative Chinese Medicine Culture Amusement Space. Our aims for every opportunity to contact, share, interact and communicate with children during each school visits. We can see the enjoyment on children’s faces is worthy of our record.

On the road to promote Chinese Culture, it's precious to meet like-minded friends. One of the online cultural learning and playing platforms - “Perspective Cultural Resources” platform, is similar to the concept of Ours. Perspective Cultural Resources expects children can learn and grow together with knowledge in the cultural field. They have selected our theme of Chinese Medicine Culture to start-up, and will gradually extend to other cultural areas in the future.

Our cooperation would strengthen the work and promotion on children's education. Therefore, all the children, parents, and teachers can enjoy a deeper and broader cultural and happy learning together!

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小小華佗的誕生資訊 Become Master Herbalist Junior News

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