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小小華佗的誕生 Become Master Herbalist Junior/


Virtual Tour with Master Herbalist Junior


由於校訪時間有限,所以我們秉承快樂學習宗旨,貼心地將「小小華佗的誕生」遊藝空間製作成虛擬導賞 (Virtual Tour)。當日沒有到過現場或想再次重溫的,都可以如親歷其境,看到大葫蘆、玻璃百子櫃、Rainie爸穴位銅人、各種中醫治療工具等,並且附註內容介紹和趣味小故事。



Become Master Herbalist Junior HASH Creative Chinese Medicine Culture Amusement Space was perfectly finished almost three months. We selected some interesting activities to schools. Those who have missed the exhibition can learn about Chinese medicine culture in the interaction of school visits.

But the time of school visits is limited. And we adhere to the aim of happy learning. Therefor, we turned Become Master Herbalist Junior into a Virtual Tour. Here’s the chance for those who haven’t been to there or who want to revisit. You will see the Big Gourd, glass Baizigui, Rainie dad bronze figure and various Chinese medicine treatment tools, etc. with introductions and interesting stories.

Since time and place are no longer an obstacles, happiness is of course unlimited. Happy learning is even more so!

Let’s go to the Virtual Tour!

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小小華佗的誕生資訊 Become Master Herbalist Junior News

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