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Sincerely thanks for every hard-earned ‘LIKE’ to

the iHerbal Garden!




The month-long “iHerbal Garden 2021/22” online exhibition and voting period has ended. After the preliminary information is sorted out, we are very encouraged by the number of views and votes has made the “Most LIKE iHerbal Garden”. The project exceeded our expectations.

We would like to congratulate Salesian Yip Hon Millennium Primary School become the “Most LIKE iHerbal Garden” in 2021/22. Their dedication to the garden and substantial reports successfully won the most supports and appreciation. In addition, we also set up awards for the “Thoughtful” planted garden. The gardens are take care in “Aesthetic” and “Neat” way. Also the gardens are growing more “Vigorous” and “Healthy”. We fully affirmed the outstanding performance of the students and schools in different areas.

“iHerbal Garden” will continue to be open after that. You are welcome to visit and share all the information. The planting results and reports from our joining schools are an important resource. As a learning case to promote and deepen the herbal knowledge for other schools in the future. We broke the geographical restrictions and established an online viewing trail, visiting medicine gardens of Macau and Taiwan. Because of the positive response, we decided to extend the exhibition on the platform. Friends who are interested in don’t miss it!

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