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網絡時空百草園 i-Herbal Garden 2023/24/


The New list of participating schools is released!

感謝各學校報名參與「網絡時空百草園 2023/24」,經過我們實地視察和了解後,最終落實了參與學校名單啦!中藥園圃動工學習之旅即將展開,熱切期待與同學們見面,一起啟程!

Thank you to all schools for signing up to participate in the “i-Herbal Garden 2023/24”. After our on-site inspection and understanding, we have finalized the list of participating schools! The study tour of the Chinese Medicine Garden is about to begin. We are eagerly looking forward to meeting the students and starting the journey together!


List of participating schools

網絡時空百草園資訊 iHerbal Garden News

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