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繪本圖書計劃II Picture Books Project II/


The third and fourth picture books are coming soon!


這深受歡迎的嶄新中醫藥文化推廣先鋒,再接再厲,將於下月 (6月) 推出第三、四册《中醫的秘密》《中醫藥文化好記憶》。小紅雨Rainie家族將繼續以童心童趣沉浸文化河流中,不穿古裝,不穿越時空,卻能神遊古今,讓中醫的精神與仁情,歷久常新,在我們生活中活出時代生命力。


We published Sky. Ground. Human. Medical” and “Where is our Medicine?“, showing the culture of Traditional Chinese Medicine emerges in “characters” and “daily life“.

This becomes a popular in the promotion of Chinese Medicine Culture. Here we announce the third and fourth picture books will be released on next month (June), “The Secret of Chinese Medicine“ and “Good Memory of Chinese Medicine Culture”. The Rainie family will continue to immerse in the cultural river with a childlike innocence. They do not need the costumes or time machine. But they still could travel through the past and the present. In the spirit and benevolence of Traditional Chinese Medicine which can last forever in our times.

The new series of picture books has entered the post-production stage. After the books are published, our schools visit tour will begin. Please expectantly looking forward to it!

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繪本圖書計劃II資訊 Picture Books II News

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