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繪本圖書計劃II Picture Books Project II/

「中醫藥文化兒童教育」繪本第二輯 正式登堂入室

The 2nd series Picture Book of Children’s Picture Book Projects is Officially on the Stage











Illustrator Kung Chin Chin is full of childlike innocence in the new series of picture books.

"The Secret of Chinese Medicine"

Sickness. Healing. Recovery

It's not a war that has to be won and lost

It's the harmony that returns and maintains balance again and again

"Good Memory of Chinese Medicine Culture"

Memory can be multiple

Remember the allusions of Chinese Medicine Culture

The warmth feeling in heart is the kindness of the doctor

Two picture books will be sent to the school one after another. And our school visit tour will officially start at the same time. We will be having a fun learning with students in simple way wherever in the auditorium or in the classroom.

#中醫藥文化兒童教育繪本圖書計劃 #PictureBooksOnChineseMedicineCulture

#香港 #HongKong

繪本圖書計劃II資訊 Picture Books II News

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