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Picture Books Project II/

Hi Class! This is Rainie Meeting You Again!


This special school year is especially in the rush. Our classes and exams were going in fast-pacing after Easter holidays. Everyone can finally catch breathe in July. The school visits of the Chinese Medicine Cultural Education Picture Book Project started a tight itinerary in this free time.

Our TCM practitioners brought a new series of picture books “The Secret of Chinese Medicine” and “Good Memory of Chinese Medicine Culture” to the school. With the cooperation of the instructors, we used a board games to introduce Rainie’s life learning journey. Through the simple guidance of the practitioners, the concept of TCM treatment and importance of meridians are turned into life fragments that integrated with nature. The students coupled with the enthusiastic questions and responses. Everyone has fun study and spend time happily in a room of surprises and noise.

Learning like this is fulfilling, joyful and inspiring. This small seed of Traditional Chinese Medicine Culture hopefully will germinate, grow and thrive in the hearts of the students. And become Little Rainie one after one in the future.




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